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Board Roles and Descriptions

Board Roles

Abstract Background


  • Presides over board and action meetings

  • Prepares meeting agendas

  • Serves as non-profit spokesperson as needed

  • Recommends members for committees and appoints committee chairs

  • Partners with other groups/organizations to achieve organization's mission

  • Encourages transparent communication between board members

  • Ensures that timelines are met and all parties are accountable to their responsibilities

  • Communicates with committee chairs as needed to ensure that action items are met and activities are in -line with the mission and vision of the organization

  • Discusses issues affecting the organization with the board and any other relevant parties

  • Monitors financial planning and financial reports

  • Plays a leading role in fundraising and outreach efforts

Time Commitment:  10 hours a month ( more in busy months); expected to be at as many functions as possible or to ensure a board representative is at functions if not possible​

Abstract Background


  • In absence of co-chairs, coordinates facilitation of board meetings, ensures agendas and minutes are distributed, and implements the strategic plan 

  • Reports to board chair

  • Works closely with all board members to meet organizational mission

  • Actively recruits and helps to maintain volunteers

  • Ensures transparent communication between all board members

  • Plays a leading role in fundraising and outreach efforts

  • Represents organization as spokesperson when co-chairs are unavailable to do so

  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned by board

Time Commitment:  10 hours a month ( expectations for more leading up to annual Pride event); expected to be at as many functions as possible  ​

Abstract Background

Board Treasurer

  • Oversees all revenues and expenses and creates financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement) and communicates this information to the Board on a quarterly basis

  • Works with the board to create budget draft and seeks approval from the board on an annual basis

  • Ensures development and board review of sound fiscal policies and procedures

  • Acts as an official signer on Lowcountry Pride bank account

  • Oversees any financial agreements

  • Actively engages in fundraising efforts

  • Serves as chair of finance committee (if applicable)

  • In cooperation with board members, accepts responsibility for filing annual tax forms as required by state or IRS (this includes monthly reporting as required by state)

  • Provides a full financial report to the board on an annual basis

Time Commitment: 10 hours a month (typically more like 3-5 hours a month except leading up to annual Pride event); ideally is able to attend most functions​

Abstract Background

Board Secretary

  • Maintains board records and ensures effective management of the  organization's records

  • Manages board meeting minutes: collect and send a draft of minutes to the Co-Chairs for approval and then send to the rest of the board. Minutes should reflect the activities of meetings in an objective manner, without unnecessary commentary. They should include the following information:

    • Who is present and absent (absent only for board members)​

    • Agenda

    • Items discussed

    • Issues raised

    • Votes and action items

    • Any other relevant information

  • Ensures minutes are distributed to members shortly after each meeting​

  • Maintains sufficient familiarity with legal documents (articles, by-laws, IRS letters, etc.) to reference when necessary in board meetings

  • Maintains a chart of start and ending dates for each board member

  • Responsible for creating and distributing mailings to email list on monthly basis

Time Commitment: 10 hours a month ( often closer to 3-5 except in months leading up to annual Pride event); ideally is able to attend most organizational functions.​

-In the absence of the secretary at any meeting, another board member will be appointed by the presiding officer to serve as secretary pro tempore

Board Member Recruiting Process 

As per by-laws, board members may approach parties that seem to be a good fit to fill existing open board member positions. If no party has been identified, then the position and application information will be shared at an action meeting and posted on line. Positions will remain open on a rolling basis until the board agrees on a candidate or candidates.

Applicants should send an email with the following:

  • Letter of interest stating what position is sought, relevant experience related to this position, why applicant is interested in position, and what unique qualities/talents applicant feels they can bring to this position

  • Copy of resume / CV

  • Signed statement affirming that the applicant is able to commit to 10 hours a month and will be present at functions to the best of their ability (any concerns about ability to meet these requirements should be addressed and thoroughly discussed in interview).

Once received and reviewed, existing board members will hold an interview with the applicant. If approved by the board, a motion will be made and a vote will be taken at the next scheduled action meeting to place the applicant in the desired role. 

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